The Poseys pose with Dr.Benjamin and two nurses from the Birthing Centre.

Kierra Posey’s contractions began at 2 a.m. on July 19. They sped up rapidly, 15 minutes apart, and one hour later they picked up so quickly that Kierra could no longer monitor their frequency. Baby Nile was not waiting to be born at the hospital; he was coming into the world right there and then at home.

Kierra and DeVier Posey, along with their 5-year-old son Drue, moved to Montreal in May as DeVier began training camp with the Montreal Alouettes. A new city meant a new doctor and medical team, so Kierra began became a patient of Dr. Alice Benjamin at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC).

The plan was to give birth at the hospital, but baby Nile had another idea for his grand entrance.

On July 18, Kierra made her way to the Birthing Centre for some routine tests. She was not dilated and therefore went home and carried on her usual routine. Her mother was in town visiting, so the family decided to explore the city they now call home.

That night the contractions came on suddenly, and by the early morning hours baby Nile’s cries could be heard throughout the household. Kierra and baby were quickly attended to and transported safely to hospital by an ambulance.

“When it truly dawned on me what had just happened, I laughed. I couldn’t believe it! The whole plan was to deliver at the Glen, and I remember I told Dr. Benjamin… ‘I wanted you to deliver my baby’,” Kierra says.

Once she got to the hospital the team quickly sprang into action.

“The team was phenomenal. A resident came in and stitched me up. Dr. Benjamin came by to check on me. They took very good care of us, it was a really great experience,” she explains.

While there were no major complications with the birth, Nile did swallow some fluid during the labor, which created challenges with breastfeeding. Kierra recalls the soothing care they both received from a nurse who helped guide her to ensure Nile was fed, and also eased the mother’s anxiety after what was a surprising couple of hours.

“The team was on top of everything. They took good care of Nile and Kierra as well, so I was happy,” DeVier says.

The couple was so happy with the care they received that they named nurses Ingrid Merzbacher-Boucher and Brittany Bertrand as their Hospital Heroes.


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