Our Foundation created a COVID-19 Emergency Fund to allow the MUHC to rapidly launch critical research projects to end this virus as well as support the tireless efforts of our hospital staff in the face of this pandemic. With your help, we are taking immediate action and focusing on preventing and curing the disease.


Support the tireless efforts of our hospital staff in the face of this pandemic and continue to deliver outstanding patient care.


Rapidly launch critical research projects to end this virus.


Provide matching funds for grants offered by the Government.

SNC-Lavalin gives $750K to the MUHC

SNC-Lavalin gives $750K to the MUHC

SNC-Lavalin has donated $750,000 in support of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundations. The $500,000 donated to the MUHC Foundation will support...

A huge thank you to the donors who have stepped up to support our frontline heroes!

$1M +

Hewitt Foundation
Fondation Familiale Trottier
The Late Elspeth McConnell

$100,000 to $999,999

The Gulshan and Pyarali G. Nanji Family Foundation
A.Vogel Canada
Marc Parent

$10,000 to $99,999

Robert G. Miller
John & Janet Blachford
The Gustav Levinschi Foundation
Deirdre J. Stevenson
Francesco & Lia Saputo & Family
Croix Bleue du Québec
Gore Mutual Foundation Match (Canada Helps)
The Henry & Berenice Kaufmann Foundation
Maks Wulkan & Diane Grossman
Mark Beaudet

Behavior Interactive Inc.
Barry F. Lorenzetti Foundation
Ram & Durga Panda
Association of Shanghainese in Montréal & Alliance of Chinese Associations of Quebec
Montreal Chinese Chamber of Commerce
The Birks Family Foundation
Bina & Leonard Ellen Family Foundation
Diaa Salem
Power Corporation du Canada
DRW Canada
The Adair Family Foundation
Huawei Canada
James Cherry & Jane Craighead
Groupe Stylex
Leslois Shaw Foundation
Huawei Canada
McConnell Foundation – Fondation McConnell
Turquoise Hill

$1,000 to $9,999

Patricia Saputo
Placages Hull Veneer Inc.
Russell Hiscock
Ville Saint-Laurent Chinese Alliance Church (Enyu Church)
Rose M. Bidler
Louise & Alan Edwards Foundation
Louise Chagnon Bucheit
Rachel M.R. Fraser
Richard Leschiutta
Jean Claude Taquet
Murray Steinberg
Sylvia & Glenn Rourke
Algis Janusauskas & Cathy Paré
Natalie & Harold Brownstein
Sarah E. Ivory & Guthrie Stewart
Grace Yang
Jane Lanteri
Edwin & Francine Lambert
Robert Wallace
Mark Liwsze
Tristan & America
R. Howard Webster Foundation
Lucy Riddell
Louise & David Horlington
Services Financiers Renyuxu Inc.
Pajar Canada Inc.

Mary Jane Vuchich
Rose M. Bidler
Claire Trottier & Aron Klein
Sally McDougall
Kenneth Howard
David Laidley & Ellen Wallace
Emery P. Leblanc
Frank Riedel & Kathy Holmes
Sam Haddad
Jim Marcolin
François R. Schubert
Andrea & JD Miller
Emmanuelle Gattuso
Nathalie Pilon & Alain Néemeh
Steve & Kris Hurlburt and Family
Fondation Sibylla Hesse
Shaxi Association
Association d’origine du GuangZi au Canada
Olivier Del Corpo
Li Hongmei
Xiuqing Fan
Bruno Gobeille
Joseph Sollazzo
Isidoro & Antonina Russo
Talvinder Singh Soor
Lesley Lacate
Matthew Joslin
Rio Tinto Alcan
Montreal Chinese Culture & Arts Foundation
Jacques Nolin
Niro Family Foundation
Dario Mazzarello
Niraj Khanna
Marc-André Nantais
Pierre Lapointe & Christine Harkness
Marc-Stéphane Pennee
St. Michael’s Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church
Gilbert Rory Bertrand
Antoine Tavaglione
Kelly Patrick & Sophie Palmer Foundation
Marc Novakoff
Vanessa Germain & Maxime Menard and the Maxime Menard Foundation
Thomas S. Gillespsie
Richard M. Hart
Marc P. Tellier
Alessandro Dalfino
Les Entreprises Smartlux Inc.
Les Aliments Yamada
Tuninsight AI
Toronto Christian Community Church
Lise Rousseau


Mme. Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montréal

A huge thank you to the workers in the healthcare network who are watching over us right now. The greatest tribute we can pay you is to be respectful of public health guidelines and to protect us and the others! 👋

Thank you for putting your lives on the line for us. You are greatly appreciated  without you we would be nothing.


Amazing, brave, fine, caring people🌈💕


 Thank you for staying strong please stay safe


We all appreciate your hard work and sacrifice, and how you put yourselves at risk for us. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts …


A big thank you for your dedication, your compassion and your courage. Thank you for keeping our community healthy! Sincerely, the MUHC Foundation