Dr. Fried Chair in Surgical Innovation

The creation of an academic chair in surgical innovation will help the MUHC enhance its reputation as an international leader in surgical care. It will also increase the hospital’s capacity to recruit and retain top-tier talent so that patients in Montreal and across Quebec receive the best care for life.

Dr. Gerald Fried

Surgeon-in-Chief, MUHC

Fostering advancements in surgery for more than a century

The McGill University Health Centre’s (MUHC) Surgical Mission has been at the forefront of innovation since 1912.

Today, the MUHC’s Surgical Mission conducts nearly 35,000 procedures each year. Dealing with a high volume of complex surgical cases, the hospital is a leader in many fields including: general surgery, endovascular, urology, cardiac surgery, head and neck, and transplant. The MUHC’s Surgical Mission also plays an important educational role nationally and internationally.

Leading the way

Minimally invasive surgery is commonly-known as laparoscopic surgery, and it allows surgeons to operate via small incisions, rather than one larger one. This alternative to the traditional “open surgery” enables surgeons to perform complex operations with significant patient benefits including: increased safety, reduced pain, decreased risk of post-operative complications, faster recovery times, and reduced length of hospital stay.

In 1990, Dr. Gerald M. Fried, Surgeon-in-Chief at the MUHC, established minimally invasive surgery as a clinical and academic program at McGill University. He and his colleagues have built this into one of the foremost such programs in North America, and they have also made significant contributions to surgical education, simulation, and the process of introducing innovation into clinical practice.

Dr. Fried is an extraordinary surgeon and educator who has made immeasurable contributions to the MUHC. A well-respected expert in the field of surgery in North America, his experience in surgical innovation has stretched far beyond his specialty of gastrointestinal surgery. To honour his achievements and carry on the tradition of innovation in surgery at the hospital, the MUHC Foundation is establishing the Dr. Gerald M. Fried Chair in Surgical Innovation.

Academic chairs are essential for recruiting and retaining the highest-quality talent. They are considered the gold standard for helping institutions like the MUHC remain at the forefront of patient care, research, and teaching, and chairs are the highest award that the university can bestow on its faculty members.

The Dr. Gerald M. Fried Chair in Surgical Innovation will bring global prestige to a hospital division that has redefined the way medicine is practiced. It will also serve as an important step to establishing a comprehensive framework for surgical innovation at the MUHC as well as a strategy to advance and advocate this vision across the hospital and globally.

How you can help

We raising $4 million to establish the Dr. Gerald M. Fried Chair in Surgical Innovation, and it will be filled by a surgeon-scientist in the MUHC Division of General Surgery who will help raise the profile of the MUHC’s Surgical Mission to even greater heights worldwide. The Chair will help improve surgical techniques and outcomes as well as foster advanced knowledge of surgical that will improve the quality of life of patients treated at the MUHC and across the globe.

For more information on how you can support the creation of the Dr. Gerald M. Fried Chair in Surgical Innovation, please contact:

Elise Monaghan Joubert
Director of Development
514 934-1934, ext. 35427

You can donate online, download our donation form or call us at 514-843-1543.

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