There has been no improvement in the cure rate of ovarian cancer in 30 years and this is unacceptable. If you look at a cell phone or computer from 30 years ago, today’s versions are tremendously different, and these types of advancements need to happen with respect to the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

Dr. Lucy Gilbert

Founder of the DOvEE project and Head of Gynecologic Oncology, MUHC, MUHC

The Challenge

This year alone, 7,300 and 2,800 Canadian women will be diagnosed with endometrial and ovarian cancers respectively. Together, they are the third leading causes of cancer-related death in North American women. Ovarian cancer in particular is often called the silent killer because it can mimic other ailments until it is far too late. Although early detection holds the key to improving survival rates for ovarian and endometrial cancers, there are currently no reliable screening tests to diagnose these two deadly types of cancers at their earliest possible stage.

The solution

The McGill University Health Centre’s (MUHC) Detecting Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer Early (DOvEE) project is the only one of its kind in the world.

Founded by Dr. Lucy Gilbert, she and her team of medical professionals are working to stop ovarian and endometrial cancers in their tracks by increasing the awareness of symptoms through satellite testing clinics around Montreal and offering free fast-tracked diagnostic testing to symptomatic women without a doctor’s referral.

Dr. Gilbert and her team have also pushed the early screening of ovarian and endometrial cancers one step further by developing a test that provides a safe and minimally invasive method to detect ovarian and endometrial cancers at an earlier stage than currently possible with existing tests, with the potential to increase survival rates.

In order for the DOvEE project to push the limits what’s possible, they must:

  • Continue to refine this novel and reliable screening test that will revolutionize the detection of ovarian and endometrial cancers, catching them at their earliest possible stages and improving survival rates
  • Conduct innovative research and clinical trials to better understand how ovarian and endometrial cancers start, grow, and spread
  • Recruit national and international specialists who will ensure that women receive the best care for life

How you can help

You can donate online, download our donation form or call us at 514-843-1543.

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