Hewitt Family

The Hewitt Foundation. From left to right: David Hewitt, Michael Hewitt, Stephanie Hewitt, Jim Hewitt, Suzanne Bergeron-Hewitt, Jonathan Hewitt and Kim Anderson

Created in 2017, the Hewitt Foundation has quickly become an important player in Canadian philanthropy. The Hewitt Family created the foundation out of a desire to give back to the communities that supported their business, Hewitt Equipment. The foundation supports health and mental health, education, and communities (including Indigenous communities) in Eastern Canada.

In the past year, the Hewitt Foundation contributed $3 million to two important causes at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). In Fall 2019, they gave $1 million to fund clinical trials for a new vaccine against Hemophilius infuenzae type a, a debilitating and deadly infection that disproportionately affects Indigenous populations in Canada. In March 2020, the foundation gave $2 million to the MUHC Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund, just weeks after the global pandemic was declared. The MUHC Foundation is grateful to the Hewitt Foundation for its leadership in this two pressing health matters.

The Hewitt Foundation was founded by father and son Jim and David Hewitt, and is led by daughter Kim Anderson. David Hewitt is a member of the MUHC Foundation Board of Directors, offering his insights as a businessperson and a philanthropist.

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