muhc-foundation-dr-david-fleiszer-patient-education-360For Dr. David Fleiszer, MUHC surgeon, and Dr. Nancy Posel, Director of Patient Education at the MUHC, patient education is not a privilege, it’s a right, and that’s why they created the MUHC Patient Education Office. Developed as the antidote to Dr. Google, an increasingly dangerous phenomenon of seeking more information about an illness via the internet, the MUHC’s education collection empowers patients with the skills and confidence to take greater control of their illness while also ensuring that it is conducted safely and effectively.

The collection consists of highly visual printed information and interactive online modules that use images paired with plain language to help patients and their families better understand an illness, treatment, or surgery. These free resources can be viewed in the comfort of one’s own home and at one’s own pace, allowing patients to take on a more active role with regards to their care management. Over 400 health modules and counting are available in English and French, and they will soon be translated into several other languages, including Mandarin, Italian and even Norwegian.

muhc-foundation-nancy-posel-360Thanks to the dedication of Dr. Fleiszer and Dr. Posel, the MUHC has emerged as an international leader in patient education. Since its launch, tens of thousands of patients, families, and clinicians from around the world have consulted the hospital’s education collection, including from the USA, UK, Algeria, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan and China.

Patient education is an essential component of providing exceptional care as it can foster improved outcomes, fewer complications and a reduction in re-admission rates. As one of the premier university health centres in North America, providing comprehensive and easy-to-understand educational materials is just another way in which the MUHC continues to improve the patient experience.

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