We are raising millions to transform the MUHC, one of the world’s newest and most advanced teaching hospital networks, into a leading international hub for innovative clinical research that will change the course of lives and medicine.

To succeed, we need to dream big. Why? Because…

  • Research in Montreal allows physicians and scientists to rub shoulders and produce fresh insights into the future of medicine
  • Teaching keeps us at the forefront of knowledge and practice, training the next generation of physicians and medical researchers to revolutionize care 
  • Multidisciplinary health care teams provide compassionate, personalized, and complex care – because when you are sick you go to the hospital, but when you are very sick you come to the MUHC
  • International talent drives unique, innovative, and cutting edge solutions – saving lives both here and around the world
  • A link between medicine and technology empowers change, entrepreneurship and constant learning
  • A hospital built by its community serves its community’s needs first

Today’s discoveries are tomorrow’s cures. By bringing this vision to life, we can fix broken hearts through cardiology research, we can solve humanity’s deadliest puzzles, we can beat the silent killers, and we can transform, discover, and heal.

Together, we can do all this and more, if only we start dreaming big today.

The Campaigns

Fix Broken Hearts

Solve humanity’s deadliest puzzles

Stop the silent killer

Discover. Innovate. Transform.

Heal our Community

Equip Them for Life