Stop the silent killer

Cure rates for endometrial cancers have stalled

Thousands of Canadian women are diagnosed with ovarian and endometrial cancers each year.

Together, these two killers are the fourth-highest cause of all cancer cases and cancer deaths in Canadian women. And yet, cure rates haven’t improved in over 30 years.

A breakthrough led by the MUHC’s Dr. Lucy Gilbert promises to radically reduce this threat to women’s lives.

What if you could be a part of this solution?

It’s called the DOvEEgene test — the world’s first test to reliably detect ovarian and endometrial cancer early, before it has spread.

Early diagnosis is key
When doctors diagnose ovarian and endometrial cancers early, the cure rate is over 80 per cent. This is when the cancer is at stage I or II, and still confined to the reproductive organs.

The problem is, 75 per cent of ovarian cancers and 25 per cent of endometrial cancers are diagnosed late — in stage III and IV. By that time, the disease has spread outside the pelvis.

Once it has spread, radical surgery and powerful chemotherapy cannot cure it. The best we can do is contain the cancer temporarily.

The DOvEEgene test promises to be the world’s first reliable way to diagnose ovarian and endometrial cancers early, when the disease can still be cured.

Clinical trials will establish that the DOvEEgene test is:

  • Reliable, simple to use and cost effective
  • Comfortable for patients
  • Easy to process
  • Simple to roll out

The DOvEEgene test promises to do for ovarian and endometrial cancers what the pap smear did for cervical cancer decades ago — move cervical cancer from second to 16th place for cancer deaths in women.

“Philanthropy – that’s what makes Montreal different. What I find wonderful about Montreal is the sense of community, the civic responsibility, and the philanthropy.”

– Dr. Lucy Gilbert


For more information, to make a donation or to get involved, please contact Edith Bolduc, Associate Director of Development, Major Gifts, at 514-934-1934, ext. 34397,

MUHCF launches $2M DOvEE Campaign

Founded by Dr. Lucy Gilbert, the McGill University Health Centre’s (MUHC) Detecting Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer Early (DOvEE) project is the only one of its kind in the world. A longtime supporter of DOvEE, the MUHC Foundation announced Wednesday that it is launching a campaign to raise $2 million for the cause.

Dr. Lucy Gilbert brings hope to patients

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