She is our mother, our sister, our wife, our daughter, our grandmother, our friend. This year alone, more than 10,000 Canadian women will be diagnosed with endometrial and ovarian cancers – these are the silent killers of women because symptoms mimic other ailments until it is far too late.

In honour of Mother’s Day, my family and I are joining your battle! We are taking action to protect the women in and we hope to inspire others to join us.

Geneviève Biron

My aunt Diane passed away of ovarian cancer, and my family lives with that loss every day since. On Mother’s Day and World Ovarian Cancer Day, we are honouring her by taking a stand against this cancer and investing in saving the lives of countless women.

It is with great emotion that I reiterate our engagement to make the first early diagnostic test a reality and announce a donation of $50,000 to support the DOvEE campaign. With our help and with the leadership of Dr. Lucy Gilbert, this test can be available to women around the world within three years.

On this Mother’s Day, visit the DOvEE campaign page to learn more about DOvEE and find out how you can help. Do it for yourself, do it for the women you love.

Early diagnosis is key.

Ovarian and endometrial cancer survival rates reach 80% when diagnosed early enough. Early detection holds the key to improving survival rates from these cancers, and that’s why Dr. Lucy Gilbert has made it her life’s work to ensure all women get tested for ovarian and endometrial cancers at the earliest possible stage.

The McGill University Health Centre’s (MUHC) Detecting Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer Early (DOvEE) project is the only one of its kind in the world.

Founded by Dr. Lucy Gilbert, she and her team of medical professionals are working to increase the awareness of symptoms through satellite testing clinics around Montreal and offering free fast-tracked diagnostic testing to symptomatic women.

Dr. Gilbert and her team have also developed a test that provides a safe and minimally invasive method to detect ovarian and endometrial cancers at an earlier stage than currently possible with existing tests, with the potential to increase survival rates.

Together we will stop the silent killer, and together we will take care of the women in our lives.


Geneviève Biron
President and CEO
Biron Health Group

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