Annual Report 2018 – 2019

Together, let’s change the course of lives and medicine.

Thank you.

You make everything possible. You are the difference between mediocrity and excellence in health care.

Thanks to your generosity and commitment to compassionate care, discovery and teaching, our Foundation raised a total of $31 million, including investment revenue, in 2018. Below, you will see firsthand what you, and donors like you, have helped achieve – the lives you’ve saved, the illnesses you’ve cured, and the pain you have relieved.

We invite you to reflect on your impact, and to join us in looking ahead to the next phase of our dream for health care in Montreal.
The MUHC was born from a bold, and ambitious idea. As a community, we built this world-class hospital. Now, we want to fill it with the top physicians and scientists and equip them with the technology and tools they need to practice the most advanced medicine. We want to establish North America’s leading centre of cutting-edge care, research and teaching. To accomplish this, we need to dream big.

Let’s dream big for our families, our community, our city and our country.

Together, let’s dream big and change the course of lives and medicine.

Norman Steinberg, Chair of the Board of Directors
Julie Quenneville, President

Trottier-Webster Research Innovation Annual Grant

As part of the MUHC Foundation’s $11 million Cruess Campaign, two Montreal foundations joined forces this year to encourage ground-breaking research and innovation at the RI-MUHC. Together, the Trottier Family Foundation and the R. Howard Webster Foundation contributed $3 million in an endowment towards a special Research Innovation Fund. It is also a Fossil Fuel
Free endowment, incorporating sustainable finance in the funding of the annual grants.
Every year, researchers at the RI-MUHC can apply for a $100,000 award. Only the most cutting-edge and transformative proposals will be considered for funding.

“Our goal is to encourage truly exceptional research,” says Claire Trottier, Director of the Trottier Family Foundation
and Co-Vice Chair of the MUHC Foundation. “The
early-stage innovation concepts that our award will fund must have the potential to change the way we deliver health care in a meaningful way.”

Gratitude as a driving force

Easter weekend 2018 is one that grateful patient Monica Flores will never forget: she was admitted to the MUHC Birthing Centre due to complications with her pregnancy. Monica was in the hospital for two months, before the twins were born at 33 weeks on June 7, 2018. It was a healthy and successful delivery by Dr. Alice Benjamin and the multidisciplinary team.

Monica and her partner Mathias are so grateful to be able to watch Beatrice and Benjamin (named after Dr. Benjamin, Monica’s Hospital Hero) grow and develop into happy, healthy children.

When asked what motivated the couple to fundraise in honour of the twins’ first birthday, her response was simple – gratitude.

Monica and Mathias started an online personal fundraising page through the MUHC Foundation, giving family and friends the option to make a donation to the MUHC Birthing Centre in lieu of a gift. Her family and friends embraced the idea wholeheartedly, raising nearly $800 in a few months.

“We’re just incredibly, eternally grateful… and it’s one of the driving factors for us to give back.”

Supporting the MUHC Breast Clinic’s Wellness Program

Catherine Kontos has been cancer free for five years, but like about a quarter of breast cancer patients, she is still battling a disfiguring, debilitating side effect of her cancer treatment: lymphedema.

Characterized by fluid retention and tissue swelling, lymphedema is an under recognized side effect brought on by a compromised lymphatic system which commonly occurs in breast cancer. Catherine developed lymphedema one year after she began treatment for stage three breast cancer.
Lymphedema is a chronic, progressive illness. There is
no cure, but patients can learn to manage the condition.
That’s what Catherine has been able to do, with the
help of the MUHC Breast Clinic’s Wellness Program, and massage therapist Linda Henry.

“Linda saved me from a lot of suffering, and physical
discomfort. I needed that extra help, that extra treatment
and she was the one who took care of me,” Catherine says.

Throughout the year, donors and volunteers contribute to the Breast Clinic’s
Wellness Program by organizing, donating or participating in events such as:
• Enchantée, an MUHCF signature event
• Pink in the City’s Raise Craze, Masquerade Ball and
• Donnabella Charity Fashion Show
• Pink in the Rink charity hockey game held in collaboration with Les
• The PINK Charity Softball Tournament