MUHCF Third Party Event Fundraising Policy

The policies below are intended to ensure that third party events have a positive impact on the MUHC Foundation and protect the reputation and integrity of the MUHC and its affiliated organizations, in accordance with its mission and public image. As part of your commitment to organizing an event, we ask that the following requirements be reviewed, acknowledged and abided by those involved in your fundraising activity.

A third party event is any fundraising or promotional activity which benefits the Foundation but is not managed by the Foundation itself. Third party events are planned and organized by individuals and groups who are passionate about making a difference in patients’ lives at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC).

  1. The event should not, by association, have the potential to adversely affect the image of the MUHC Foundation or conflict with the mission and goals of the MUHC and MUHC Foundation, nor should it have the potential to adversely affect the MUHC Foundation’s annual or long term fundraising and development plans.
  2. Organizer(s) wishing to hold a fundraising event to benefit the MUHC Foundation is/are required to complete a Third Party Event Proposal Form at least eight (8) weeks prior to organizing or promoting the event. The MUHC Foundation will notify the applicant(s) of the proposal’s status within seven (7) business days. Public announcements and/or event promotion may not be initiated until organizer(s) has/have received written approval.
  3. The MUHC Foundation will not incur any costs or liabilities associated with third party events. The organizer(s) must obtain all necessary permits, licenses and insurance relating to the event. Costs should not exceed 30% of funds raised (e.g. expenses cannot exceed 30 cents for every dollar raised).
  4. All staff and volunteers for the third party event will be provided by the organizer(s). The organizer(s) and any other volunteers must identify themselves as volunteers of the event and must not represent themselves as staff members of the MUHC Foundation.
  5. In accordance with privacy policies, the MUHC Foundation does not share its donor/mailing list for any purpose to event organizers.
  6. The MUHC Foundation logo is a registered trademark; unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited. All advertisements and other event-related promotional materials which use the MUHC Foundation name and logo must be approved by the MUHC Foundation prior to use.
    1. The MUHC Foundation has sole jurisdiction over the use of the MUHC Foundation name and logo design to support fundraising events.
    2. The event organizer(s) will maintain the highest standards of quality when using the MUHC Foundation logo. The logo will be provided upon approval of your event.
  7. The MUHC Foundation will not partner nor support third party events that discriminate against any person or group based on gender, race, class, economic status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, disability and cultural backgrounds.
  8. Fundraising events shall maintain the highest ethical standards.
    1. Each event will be well supervised, with proper safety procedures in place, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all staff and participants.
    2. All funds are to be handled and accounted for in a responsible manner by the event organizer(s).
  9. The organizer(s) acknowledges that the MUHC Foundation adheres to the policies for tax receipting as set out by the Canada Revenue Agency. There are many rules and regulations that must be adhered to and detailed documentation is required when issuing tax receipts. You must speak to a Foundation representative prior to your event to confirm the details of your event, and determine if you can offer tax receipts.
  10. Organizer(s) are prohibited from setting up a bank account which includes the words or acronyms «FCUSM», «MUHCF», «Fondation du Centre universitaire de santé McGill» or «McGill University Health Centre Foundation» in conjunction with a fundraising event.
  11. By accepting the terms and conditions set forth in this application, the event organizer(s) clearly understands that they are accepting responsibility for all claims and liabilities, damages or accidents to people or property that may arise as a result of their event.
  12. Should the event be changed or cancelled, the organizer(s) will notify the MUHC Foundation prior to the planned event day.
  13. If circumstances so require, the MUHC Foundation may at any time through any of its directors, officers or senior administrators, instruct the cancellation of any third party event. By nullifying the third party event agreement, the event organizer(s) agrees to release the MUHC Foundation and its employees and volunteers from any and all claims and liabilities in any way related to the event.
  14. A fixed 10% allocation of the total amount raised from the event will be designated toward the most urgent needs of the hospital as determined by the MUHC Foundation.

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