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We are extremely grateful for your generous support this year. We are making this difficult decision for the protection of your health and to take a leadership role in reducing risk of propagation.

In 2018, our Foundation announced a commitment with McGill University to invest $120 M to create the McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity (MI4), the largest consortium of researchers in the world joining forces to solve humanity’s most urgent health challenges like this aggressive virus. MI4 is a unique collaboration bringing together a team of more than 250 experts united by an ambitious to generate answers and deliver solutions that saves lives.

In addition to providing clinical care for COVID-19 patients, advocacy and community education, MI4 researchers are improving our understanding of the coronavirus and developing new approaches for the surveillance, diagnosis and management of this devastating outbreak.

Although we have been fortunate in Quebec to have few cases of COVID-19 to date, we can’t be complacent.

Right now, researchers at MI4 are exploring how the virus interacts with the immune system and to identify immunologic signatures that can be used to predict which patients will have a mild course of illness and which are at risk for developing severe disease. Given the limited surge capacity of our health care system, and the finite number of ventilators and beds we have available in our hospitals and health care centres, this knowledge will be critical in appropriately allocating health care resources to those who need them the most.

The MUHC Foundation is proud to fund MI4 in this essential work. Please consider making a gift to the MUHC in support of the critical work being done by our researchers. Your donation will be directed to MI4 and invested to help fight the virus and improve our preparedness for future pandemics.


Julie Quenneville

MUHC Foundation President

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