On November 9, 2017, for the 6th year, Luciano D’Iorio, Helen Wolkowicz and Karen Aziz, parents of premature babies, proudly hosted the Tiny Survivors Cocktail. Over 160 guests attended this lively cocktail at the Windsor Ballrooms, and more than 42,000$ was raised for the McGill University Health Centre’s (MUHC) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). These funds will offer crucial support for much needed equipment to assist babies whose tiny lives depend on the courageous and dedicated NICU team.

Neonatologist Dr. Thérèse Perreault attended the event and stresses how grateful the NICU team is for the support they’ve received over the years from the Tiny Survivors fund. “We have a unit that includes 52 beds, with 900 admissions per year,” she says. “It’s a difficult situation for parents to see their premature babies on life support. This fund has allowed us to purchase much needed equipment, but most of all it has contributed to education for our staff, so we can be better prepared to treat these babies and react to emergency situations. This level of excellent care would not be possible without private donations, such as those coming to us from Tiny Survivors.”

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