Marc Parent

Marc Parent is President and CEO of CAE, a global leader in training for civil aviation, defence and security, and health care based in Montreal. Born in Verdun and raised in Ottawa and on the South Shore of Montreal, his keen interest in aviation led him to get his pilot’s license at 17. He studied mechanical engineering at École Polytechnique and immediately began working in aviation, holding positions at Canadair, Bombardier Aerospace and CAE over the course of his career.

Q: What inspired you to accept the role of co-chair?

A: Health care is something that affects all of us. We all rely on hospitals to be there when we need them, and it is in our best interests to have world-class health care where we live. The MUHC is an exceptional institution. It helps thousands of people every day, and I am proud to co-chair this campaign because through Dream Big, we can tackle some of the biggest issues of our time.

Q: What are some of the Dream Big projects that inspire you the most?

A: Antibiotic resistance is a terrifying problem. Antibiotics revolutionized medicine in the early 20th century, and turned life-threatening illnesses into easily-treatable ones. But now, there are microbes that antibiotics can’t treat. If enough antibiotics stop working, surgery would no longer be possible because the risk of infection would be too high—this would set back the medical field a century or more. I am inspired by MI4’s work to ensure that we have treatments that bacteria can’t evolve around.

Q: Why should our supporters contribute to the Dream Big Campaign?

A: Medical innovation is not funded by our health care system—the true breakthroughs are made using philanthropic dollars, and that is why everyone should give what they can.

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