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Education essential to COVID-19 care

At the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), when a patient goes into cardiac arrest, everyone springs into action. Just like in a medical drama, physicians and nurses rush to the bedside at the call of “Code Blue,” airways are checked and chest compressions begin.

COVID-19 has completely changed this.

With such high risk of transmission to health care staff, COVID-19 presents a challenge: physicians and nurses can no longer rush to the bedside to assist a crashing patient. First, they must don full protective gear to protect themselves, and only three staff can be present to perform resuscitation.

These new measures are incredibly hard for the MUHC’s health care staff. When a patient is dying, no one wants to pause to put on personal protective equipment. But this essential step could be a matter of life and death in itself: if an essential health care worker becomes ill, they cannot save lives. And if they become critically ill, they could die.

To implement these new Code Blue measures, the MUHC turned to simulation training. With the help of the MUHC education directorate, hundreds of staff from many different departments received training using life-like simulation mannequins.

“There are so many unknowns related to COVID-19,” says Caroline White, Simulation Specialist Advisor. “The precautions that have been put in place are there to protect the public, patients and employees. In order to provide care for patients who have or are at risk for COVID-19, staff across the MUHC have participated in interprofessional simulation training throughout the pandemic to help them adapt to the new protocols and policies.”

Education and simulation training are important aspects of any hospital’s operations. Health care professionals need training on constantly evolving medical procedures. Recognizing this need, Montreal-based CAE Inc. donated $500,000 in funding and equipment to the MUHC’s Skills and Simulation Network in early 2020. It is this equipment that is now helping train the MUHC’s staff in pandemic procedures.

“CAE’s support has had an enormous impact on our ability to offer training,” says Dr. Elene Khalil, Director of Education at the MUHC. “Pandemic or not, education training is essential to ensuring our staff keep up their skills and learn to work in teams. We are grateful to CAE for their donation of simulation mannequins and the funds necessary to keep them running.”

Skills and simulation is a priority of the MUHC Foundation’s Dream Big Campaign. The foundation is raising $10 million to establish the MUHC Interprofessional Skills and Simulation Network. This new network will boost lifesaving skills and teamwork across the MUHC by offering simulation training for health care teams. CAE’s gift provided important seed funding for this important fundraising effort.

Education and training is a critical part of excellence in health care. Help our medical professionals be the best they can be by donating to the MUHC Interprofessional Skills and Simulation Network. Learn more.

The MUHC Patient Education Office

The MUHC Patient Education Office

For Dr. David Fleiszer, MUHC surgeon, and Dr. Nancy Posel, Director of Patient Education at the MUHC, patient education is not a privilege, it’s a right, and that’s why they created the MUHC Patient Education Office. Developed as the antidote to Dr. Google, an...

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We thought we’d give this trend a try for a little Friday fun! ☺️ So many incredible memories made at the RVH Legacy Site, and it continues to give back to the community. As a team we forge ahead, changing the course of lives and medicine and pushing the limits of what’s possible to improve the lives of Montrealers, and of people across the globe! Centre universitaire de santé McGill - McGill University Health Centre

Share your memories with us in the comments ❤️
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Photographer & Pink in the City volunteer, Gaëlle Vuillaume shaved her head in support of her mother who is fighting breast cancer. She was joined by breast cancer survivor Gwenaela Larvor! They have so far collectively raised almost $5,000 for the Centre universitaire de santé McGill - McGill University Health Centre Breast Clinic’s Wellness Program, along with Sophie Rokakis. ❤️🙌

Thank you to the volunteers, donors, and to the entire Pink in the City team for making this possible. There’s still time to support them! Donate:
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En tant que Fondation, nous avons toujours cru au pouvoir de la philanthropie et de notre communauté, mais l’impact de la collaboration entre les leaders communautaires au cours des derniers mois de la pandémie pour répondre aux plus grands besoins du CUSM a été extraordinaire.

C’est aussi la raison pour laquelle nous sommes si fiers de présenter notre cabinet de campagne Osez rêver, dirigé par les coprésidents, l’honorable Jean Charest, ancien premier ministre du Québec; Marc Parent, président et chef de la direction de CAE; et Suzanne Legge Orr, éminente leader communautaire. Rencontrez le reste de l'équipe! 🏥

We’re so proud to present our Dream Big campaign cabinet, led by campaign co-chairs, the Honourable Jean Charest, former premier of Quebec; Marc Parent, President and CEO of CAE; and Suzanne Legge Orr, prominent community leader. Meet the rest of the team! 🏥
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6 days ago

Fondation CUSM - MUHC Foundation

On this week’s Health Matters: We’re two years into the legalization of cannabis in Canada. Dr. Carolyn Baglole discusses the existing stigmas surrounding medical cannabis and one patient shares how cannabis is helping her manage her chronic pain.

Also this week, Gaëlle Vuillaume shares her personal reasons for raising funds for breast cancer research and shaving her head. And Dr. Sarkis Meterissian details where your donations go and how they help breast cancer patients.

Where to listen:

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In case you missed it! MI4's Dr. Don Sheppard joined CTV Montreal's Mutsumi Takahashi for an in-depth chat about COVID-19, the ongoing medical and research breakthroughs happening right here in Montreal and Centre universitaire de santé McGill - McGill University Health Centre, and how philanthropy is having an impact.📱 ... See MoreSee Less

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